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ASPYRE® - To Elevate Your Systemwith an intelligent power controller family that simplifies your application
while offering cutting-edge features

Introducing the ASPYRE®Intelligent Power Controller


Dissatisfied with clunky, component level power switches? Watlow’s ASPYRE® is an intelligent line of power controllers that deliver breakthrough thermal performance. Unlike basic on/off switches, ASPYRE provides integrated technology making system performance accessible in an easy-to-use, robust design giving you extended asset life and a competitive edge.


Watlow’s new ASPYRE power controller family is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE models available include sizes from 35 to 700 amps.


The heater bakeout feature protects the heater on startup, eliminating labor and time associated with inspection of wet heaters. This power controller family features multiple advanced microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms. Combined with diagnostics and several communications options the product enables equipment and factory automation.

c-UL® 508 LISTED

c-UL 508 approvals shorten project schedules, agency testing and expenses by ensuring safety, code compliance and power protection within industry accepted standards.


Enable factory and process automation with connectivity access to process and equipment data using Modbus® RTU, Ethernet TCP, WiFi, Profibus, Profinet, and USB device (configuration and data file transfers). USB connection and user interface allows you to program configuration settings easily and safely, allowing the high voltage controller or system panel to be turned off while configuring, eliminating high voltage work.

Featured Innovations

Smart Design Aspyre

Modular and Smart Design - Easy to Use and Service

Elevate your system with Watlow's new ASPYRE® - an intelligent power controller family that simplifies your application while offering cutting-edge features.

  • Easy to read real character pixel display
  • Quick access to SCRs minimizes production downtime
  • Simple to configure with ASPYRE configuration PC software and plug and play access via USB device port
  • Intuitive application wizard automatically recommends controller configuration settings based on load type
  • Intelligent troubleshooting with built-in diagnostics
  • Easy to access replaceable semiconductor fuses
Process Control

Improved Process Control for a Wide Variety of Load Types

  • 20 firing combinations to align with a variety of load types
  • Advanced control modes protect heater from damage on start up and extends overall heater element life
  • Six available power control modes to maximize thermal performance
  • Multiple digital and analog I/O to increase system control functionality
Integrated Functions

Integrated Functions Lower Ownership Costs

  • UL® 508 rating results in reduced labor and project costs
  • Smaller footprint and less weight than legacy power controllers reduces cabinet space and shipping expenses
  • Integrated design reduces system complexity, inventory and labor to install and wire
  • ASPYRE DT features SCR switching, voltage sensor, data logging, Wi-Fi, current sensor, semiconductor fusing, user interface, communications, relay alarm, cooling fan, back-up power supply and more in one device
Communication Access

Communication Access to Import Data
Connectivity for Automation

  • USB device port (file transfers - configuration or data log)
  • Data logging
  • Wireless Wi-Fi and mobile application
  • Communication protocols 232/485 Modbus® RTU (up to 2), Modbus® TCP (Ethernet), Profibus, Profinet
  • 4-20mA retransmit
Industry Leading

Industry-Leading Design for High Quality and Reliability

  • Robust SCR design with high I2t rating
  • Passes rigorous Watlow test standards
  • Agency compliance - UL®, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E.
  • 100KA SCCR rating
  • UL® 508 rating
  • UL® 508 shortens project schedules, agency testing and expenses
Heater Bakeout

Wet Heater Bakeout Protects Heaters on Startup

  • Reduces start up costs and production delays
  • Easier procedure
  • Fewer steps
  • Faster Process

I/O Functional Block Diagram

I/O Functional Diagram

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Typical Applications

  • Furnaces, Ovens, Autoclaves and Kilns
  • Heat Treating and Glass Industry
  • Semiconductor, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Oil and Gas
  • HVAC, Textiles, Plastics, Packaging
  • Dryers and curing
3PH 2Leg 60A


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