PS5000 Industrial PC

Two display sizes, 10" - 22" offer a slim, modular, box design, with low reactivity glass that creates less glare and higher contrast. This powerful IPC has a Core i3 processor, fanless design, and extensive connectivity options.

  • Excellent performance in a comfortable package
  • Intuitively operable multi-touch display
  • High-visibility, high-resolution display

Combine the Box type and the Display in a range of sizes from 15 to the ultra-large 22 inches. Flexibly change the functions and sizes.
Model Core i7 in projective capacitive and resistive film
Celeron Model in projective capacitive and resistive film

Panel-integrated type - drastically slimmer profile with less wasted space and high performance retained featuring optimized design for equipment that requires space-saving.
Model Core i3 in projective capacitive
Atom Model in projective capacitive

Stationary box type suitable for an environment and equipment that don't need operation and display. Using Pro-face Remote HMI makes monitoring possible only when needed.
Model Core i7
Celeron Model