S4K5U Series UPS

S5KC Modular Series On-Line UPS

Designed to be fully configured, tested andshipped in the configuration you need, the S5KC Modular UPS also has the ability to be easily upgraded in the field

  • Applications include Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Food and Beverage industries
  • Optional redundant modules
  • Independently controlled maintenance and frame-level bypass
  • cULus, CE, RoHS, Federal Comminucations Commission
  • Module level redundancy provides multiple layers of protection to ensure your machine has the power it needs to run safely with no single point of failure, critical loads continue to run on conditioned battery power even if a system component malfunctions
  • An industry leading 0.9 power factor keeps machines performing flawlessly when running on battery power
  • Superior overload capabilities deliver conditioned power during temporary power anomalies without unnecessarily transferring to and from bypass power
  • Independently controlled maintenance bypass is designed to provide maximum system availability to critical equipment by allowing transfer of connected equipment to an alternate power path. The UPS can then be turned Off and removed from service with no interruption of power to connected equipment
  • True on-line double conversion with a large input voltage range (low line transfer down to 110 Vac) isolates sensitive equipment from power fluctuations while minimizing transfers to increase battery life
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified UPS models – UPS products meeting the EPA’s requirements use an average of 35% less energy than their standard counterparts
  • To enhance the availability and trouble-free operation, every pre-configured S5KC UPS arrives standard with one IS-UNITY-DP communications card installed.

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