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Thermal Solutions Featured in Watlow Distributor Dispatch

Thermal Solutions of Texas (TSOT) was established in 2009 by Jeff Peterson and four colleagues after they all departed the same Texas-based manufacturing company.

“I had to make some very difficult decisions in a short amount of time to get this company started, but I had the right team, support from family and friends and a lot of faith that gave me the confidence to take the plunge and start my own Thermal Solutions distributorship,” said Peterson.

The professional plunge worked out well because TSOT has averaged 30 to 40 percent growth each year, and recently purchased three acres adjacent to the current location, which will provide an additional 15,000 square feet of manufacturing to more than double the current 10,000 square foot facility.

“Our mission is clear… we are here to serve our customers,” said Peterson. “Along with our new manufacturing space, we are continuing to develop online search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and have a dedicated, in-house, web site and marketing employee who is building our online store. We also participate in blogs, e-mail blasts, social media such as Facebook and Twitter and have our own YouTube channel – all of this allows us to stay connected with and better serve our customers.”

Currently, TSOT employs 18 full-time employees and six contract employees. Because of its location just north of Houston, the company is largely involved in the energy processes market, but also deals with aspects of the manufacturing sector including research firms, engineering contractors and OEMs. TSOT concentrates mainly on Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi but sells products and manufactured systems worldwide.

TSOT offers a variety of products, services and custom capabilities. For energy processes customers, they can design, engineer and provide turn-key ASME vessels, tanks and heater skid assemblies. They also repair immersion heaters and offer complimentary services such as insulation, calibration, international field service and start up.

“Along with our custom solutions, I attribute much of our success to our engineering and technical support staff and our incredible customer problem-solving services,” said Peterson.

Peterson continued, “Our group is extremely pro-active and we work really well together. We enjoy what we do and love to solve difficult applications. Our customer service and dedication to quality are of high core value. Everyone in this company is an integral part of our successes and the reinvestments are evident in our growth.

Peterson’s father has worked with Watlow for over 30 years and currently serves as vice president of TSOT. He is responsible for the company’s sales group and excels at doing what he loves.

“Because of my dad’s experience, I am fortunate to have seen the culture of Watlow and how it was “back in the day” and how it is transforming to accomodate today’s markets. TSOT has been flexible enough to have adapted to the changes at Watlow, and yet grow our business despite a challenging economic environment. Watlow is a key part of TSOT and we can attest that future developments with all our partners will result in collaborative alignment and will serve our customers well,“ said Peterson.

TSOT is not Jeff Peterson’s only passion. He is an extremely dedicated family man and loves spending time with his “amazingly patient wife” of 14 years and his two children, Logan who is 10 and Anna who is six.

“My family had an amazing event happen to us that has changed us forever,” said Peterson. “My house burned down years ago when my son was just one year old. My wife had been bugging me for months to install a smoke alarm in his room, since his room was upstairs and our room was downstairs. After six months of the smoke alarm sitting on my desk, I decided to install it. My house was all steel frame and hardy plank and I felt confident that it was indestructible. Three hours (1:30 a.m.) after we put our son down that same night, our hot water heater adjacent to my son’s room caught fire and we heard the one smoke alarm I had just installed beeping through our baby monitor downstairs in our bedroom. His ceiling was on fire and crumbling around us as we made it out safely, only to watch our house burn to rubble on December 1 in the freezing temperatures. This miracle of timing and our life after the fire with everything we had lost was something that has prepared me for a lot. This rebuilding of our life and the challenges financially, personally and spiritually will forever stand out as a reminder of what is truly important in my life.”

Peterson continued, “A few years after the fire, Kidde smoke alarms (the manufacturer of the alarm just installed) featured our experience in a commercial that is still airing nationwide. I tell this story as often as people will hear it – first, to remind people to check / install your smoke alarms in every room; and second, as a reminder that in a moment, everything can change. My family was very lucky, blessed, anointed… whatever you call it… that night to get to live on and raise a couple of incredible kids and start a heater company.”

These same lessons learned rebuilding his life and home helped Peterson when starting TSOT. Once again, unforeseen circumstances had forced quick actions and resulted in a new message to be delivered. “We had to start with the basics to get back on our feet with this company, but we have quickly and consistently grown to expand our products and services. I have great people around me and I am confident in knowing that our future is bright.”

“We want other Watlow distributors to know that we have invested significantly into our capabilities such as custom built heater assemblies and control panels for a variety of industries, and private labeling programs for distributors and OEMs. We are an honest group who understands different market segments and can work with you and share our capabilities to help you better serve your customers,” said Peterson.