DBF Series

DBF Series Fluorescent Fixtures

DBF fluorescent fixtures are designed for general and task lighting of areas where flammable gases or vapors or combustible dusts may exist due to abnormal conditions resulting in the creation of a Class I, Division 2 or Class II or III, Div. 1 or 2, hazardous location as defined in the NEC

  • Sheet steel 20 ga. housing with continuous weld prevents foreign matter from entering enclosure
  • Lens frame assembly has silicon rubber gasketing and heat tempered glass lens
  • Electrostatically applied polyester finish

  • Standard ballast starting temperature for 40 watt is 50°F.
  • Ballasts are Class P Type with internal, automatic, thermally-activated protective device.
  • Optional external ballast fusing availability by adding suffix FB.
DBF Compliance