Duct Heater

Watlow Duct Heaters

Easily Adapted to Many Non-Pressurized Air Heating Systems

Watlow duct heaters are easily installed in applications requiring a wide range of temperature versus air flow combinations. The modular duct heater offers increased reliability. The individual modules are removable through the housing eliminating the need to pull the complete heater. This results in reduced downtime costs and improved efficiency.
Watlow has made several improvements including reduced infiltration from the air stream being heated into the electrical enclosure, installation flexibility, 100% energy efficiency, and UL® and CSA component recognition.

  • Long life alloy 800 sheath resists corrosion/oxidation while protecting resistance coils against contamination
  • MgO insulation filled elements compacted to rock hard density maximizes dielectric strength, heat transfer and life
  • Field replaceable elements permit easy service and reduces downtime
  • WATROD hairpins are recompacted after bending to eliminate hot spots and electrical insulation voids
To request a detailed request for quote, please fill out our Duct Heater Application Worksheet and return it to our technical sales department by email at sales@thermalsolutionsoftexas.com or by fax at (281) 351-4324. For faster service, give us a call at (866) 351-4328.