EM/EQ Series

EM/EQ Series Incandescent HID Fixtures

EM/EQ Series Incandescent HIDs

  • Four light sources—Incandescent, compact fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide
  • Mounting choice—Pendant, ceiling, 25˚ stanchion or 90˚ wall mount, all with “wireless” design that allows fast, easy fixture installation
  • Factory sealed—No external seal needed. Simply wire mounting cap and thread on fixture to install

  • Compact size—Medium base incandescent and HID lamps, plus PL fluorescent lamps allow smaller fixture design
  • Corrosion resistant—Copper-free aluminum die-cast construction. Baked powder epoxy finish, electrostatically applied. Exposed hardware is 316 grade stainless steel
  • Available with or without guard, standard dome or 25˚ angle reflector, exit sign and inner colored globes
EM/EQ Compliance