ESX Series

ESX Series Signal Strobe Xenon Fixtures

ESX Strobe Signal Lighting fixtures can be an excellent warning device in hazardous, hostile or wet locations where hearing is impaired due to high ambient noise conditions

  • Electronic component temperature range –40˚C to +55˚C
  • NEC temperature code, T6 (greater than 85°C)
  • Flash rate–85 flashes per minute

  • Xenon type lamp
  • Voltage and amperage:
    12-74 VDC: Draws 1.25A avg. @ 12 VDC tapering to 0.2A avg. @ 74 VDC, .75A avg. @ 24 VDC
    120 VAC (50/60 HZ): Draws 0.30A avg.
    240 VAC (50/60 HZ): Draws 0.17A avg.
ESX Compliance