EZL Series

EZL High Wattage Linear LED Fixtures

Explosion-proof EZL High Wattage Linear LED Fixtures are ideal for harsh environments such as paint manufacturing, oil and gas production/refining, tank farms, pipeline pumping stations, and fuel transfer terminals

  • Mounting choice – Pendant, ceiling, 25° stanchion or 90° wall mount, all with “wireless” design that allows fast, easy fixture installation or removal for maintenance
  • EZL LED Housings can be retrofitted to existing EZ splice boxes; upgrade from Incandescent, Fluorescent or HID
  • Energy Savings – Less than 130 Watts of Power

  • Long Life – 50,000 - 55,000 Maintenance Free Hours to 70% Initial Lumens
  • Crisp White Light for Excellent Color Rendering – Chromaticity 5000K (CCT range; approx. 70 CRI)
  • Ambient suitability -40°C to 55°C
EZL Series Compliance