Class J Modular

Class J Modular Fuse Holders

Class J Modular Fuse Holders are IP20 fingersafe, 1- to 3-pole holders with DIN rail or panel mounting

  • Voltage: 600Vac/dc (or less)
  • Amps: 30A (30A version), 60A (60A version)
  • Temperature Range is 20°C to 75°C

Choice of local fuse indication; easyID™ viewing window (for seeing indicator on LPJ-SPI indicating fuse) or neon lamp with versatile 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions for 0-30A and 35-60A fuses with dual wire rated connections simplify wiring, improved electrical safety with IP20 finger-safe construction with lock-out/tag-out feature. 3-phase fuse extraction assures all phases are opened for service work, and flexible panel/35mm DIN rail mounting mounting options