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Valin Thermal Solutions & Automation distributes self-regulating heating cables that automatically adjust power output to balance temperature changes.The electric current in the core increases as the temperature drops; thereby producing more heat.Similarly, as temperature increases, the core produces less heat.

Thermal Solutions provides a variety of tapes and strapping accessories. For assistance, contact our Heat Trace Specialists at

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Designed to perform in the most demanding environments, these cables are certified for hazardous and non-hazardous areas, including environments where exposure to corrosives is a possibility.

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Polar Cast heaters feature finned cast-in heaters that allow for quick thermal response during heat-up and cool-down cycles.

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Ideal for commercial construction, versatile multitrace cables are suitable for freeze protection of metallic and non-metallic piping as well as roof and gutter de-icing.

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HotTape can be wrapped around a pipe in a spiral fashion or straight along a pipe. It may be overlapped on itself without fear of overheat and burn-out.

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