Smart Portal 5000 Series HMI

High performance for high demands with flexibility, simplicity, easy data access and dual ethernet ports

  • Use Windows apps via the on-site Smart Portal
  • Connect different networks and equipment
  • Crisp, wide display
  • Download the SP5000 Brochure

High performance display supports multi-touch operation and provides brightness sensor and auto-scaling.
SP5600TP, SP5660TP and SP5500TP Premium Display Datasheets

The wide-screen display can display a large amount of information.
SP-5600WA, SP-5500WA and SP-5400WA Advanced Display Datasheet

Able to run Windows applications practicably at tough environments. (equipped with HMI Runtime as standard)
SP-5B540 Open Box Module Datasheet

Solid box achieves high-speed processing and fast display.
SP-5B10 Power Box Module Datasheet