RV8 Interface Series Relays

The RV8 series interface relays are ideal for PLC and other controller output, industrial automation, panel builders, assembly machine applications and other applications that require a high switching capability in a compact space

  • Csn be used as a universal interface between the controller and the actuator to switch small and medium size loads
  • Installation time is greatly reduced with pre-assembled relays and sockets
  • IDEC Relay & Socket Family Brochure
  • Class I, Div 2 and Class I, Zone 2 Hazardous Location options
  • Lever for easy locking and removal of relay
  • Only 70mm in height from DIN rail with Gold-plated contacts
  • Pre-assembled relay and DIN mount socket
  • Universal AC/DC socket with built-in surge suppression and green LED
  • 6A contact rating on 6mm RV8H, 8A on RV8H-2, 16A rating on RV8H-1

RV8H Electromechanical Relay - 6mm

  • The 6mm electromechanical relays have a 6A contact rating, with voltage input ranges from 5VDC to 240VAC – with several universal versions which can accept both DC and AC inputs
  • The RV8H offering includes Class I, Div. 2 ratings, for use in hazardous location
  • The relay package comes standard with gold-plated contacts, for dry current applications

Datasheet / Crossover Guide / Datasheet

RV8H Electromechanical Relay - 14mm

  • Ratings from 6A to 16A
  • Like the 6mm, the input ranges are from 5VDC to 240VAC
  • 1 or 2-pole types
  • 2-Pole version is gold-plated
  • Relay can replace larger 30mm 2-pole types, which are twice the width


RV8S Solid State Relay

  • The 6mm SSR provides long life for applications requiring a high repetition rate – such as temperature controls and solenoid operation
  • The SSR operates faster than the electromechanical equivalent versions, along with quiet operation, and with EMI noise
  • The relay provides for multiple input options (DC & AC), and DC or AC output options – ranging from 100mA to 3A. For 240VAC output, random or zero-cross options are provided