RY2KS Series Latch Relays

A miniature latching relay with a 14-pin ice cube base and DPDT contact configuration. Pulse input operation maintains conditions even during power failures. DIN rail, PCB, and panel mount sockets are available for a wide range of mounting applications

  • Safe and reliable monitoring of all important parameters in your three-phase network
  • Easy Connect Technology widhstands highest vibrations
  • Easy to adjust via front face potentiometer

Self-maintained Latch Relays - DPDT — 3A contact capacity
The RY2KS series latch relays have a self-holding function using permanent magnets in the magnetic circuit. Applying a voltage on the set (or reset) coil operates the armature and retains the contacts in that position until the opposite coil is energized, hence the latch relays are ideal for memory and fl ip-fl op circuit applications.

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