OVR Type 1

OVR Type 1 Surge Protection Devices

OVR Type 1 Surge Protection Devices provide input protection for plants in areas with high levels of lightning strikes, and are typically installed in main distribution switchboards to protect against direct lightning strikes.

  • The impulse current of 25kA per pole (10/350 µs wave) satisfies all requirements for overvoltage surge protection
  • The early creation of the electric arc by its electronic ignition device reduces the protection level Up to an optimum value of 2,5kV
  • Contain a dedicated arc chamber for extinguishing the electrical arc following the discharge, they can open short circuits up to 50kA without using back up protection
  • limp 25kA and 12.5kA
  • 3 types of follow current (If) 50, 15 and 7kA
  • Spark gap and varistor technology

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