OVR Type 2

OVR Type 2 Surge Protection Devices

OVR type 2 and Type 2+3 are designed to protect electric installations and sensitive equipments against indirect surges with ensuring a low protection level (Up). It is characterized by its capacity to safely discharge current with 8/20 µs wave form

  • OVR T2 and T2+3 SPDs are available in specific multi-pole versions for all distribution systems
  • Maximum protection level Up is 1.25 kV, a value suitable for the protection of all terminal equipment, even the most sensitive
  • Safety reserve system on OVR T2s for an extended protection of the equipments
  • Imax 20kA, 40kA and 80kA
  • Up 1kV, 1.4kV and 1.5kV
  • Uc 75V, 150V, 275V, 350V, 440V, 600 V and 760V

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