365 Series

365 Series Long Range Computing Timers

Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN housing, the 365 Series Long-Range Computing TimersM is a true plug-in timer that can be replaced in seconds without disturbing the mounting housing or field wiring. Machine and process downtime is kept to a minimum. The 365 series is also fully gasketed and O-ring sealed to be dust tight.

  • Magnetic Latching Relayy
  • Cycle Progress Indication
  • Plug-In and Dust Tight


  • Switch Selectable Sec., Min. or Hrs. Ranges
  • High Accuracy & Noise Immunity
  • Easy Plug-In Housing


  • Positive reset time and pulse length
  • Reliability and ruggedness
  • Compact, Plug-In and Dust Tight
365C Datasheets


  • Fully Gasketed and O-ring sealed to be dust and water-tight
  • Timeup or Timedown Display Operation
  • 50 or 60 Hz Operation Self-Adjusting
365M Datasheets