CT-D Range Modular DIN Rail Timer

CT-D Range Modular DIN Rail Timers with MDRC design offer 4 or 7 time ranges from 0.05 seconds up to 100 hours. Their wide supply voltage range allows the use in applications worldwide

  • Space saving
  • World wide approvals
  • Single- and multifunction versions
  • MDRC housing for distribution panels

Direct reading scales: Direct setting of the time delay with no additional calculation for accurate time delay adjustment
LEDs Indication: All actual operational states are displayed by front-face LEDs, for commissioning and troubleshooting
Switching currents: Output load of up to 6A with 1 c/o contact and up to 5A with 2 c/o contacts
Width 17.5 mm: With their width of 17.5 mm only, the CT-D range timers are ideal for distribution panels