CT-S Range Sophisticated Timer

CT-S Range Sophisticated Timers feature 7 or 10 time ranges which are adjustable from 0.05 seconds to 300 hours, and every device is available in either the double-chamber cage connection terminals or the innovative and vibration resistant Easy Connect Technology

  • Easy Connect Technology withstands highest vibrations
  • Time saving because easy to adjust
  • Easy to select because of a wide variety of products

Easy Connect Technology: Tool-free wiring and excellent vibration resistance
Time range preselect: Direct assignment of time range
Higher utility class: Easy Connect Technology provides vibration resistance with gas tight push-in terminals
LEDs for status indication: All operational states are displayed by front-face LEDs for easy troubleshooting
Integrated marker label: Allow the product to be marked quickly and simply. No additional labels required
Sealable transparent cover: Protection against unauthorized changes of time and threshold values
Snap-On housing: Tool-free DIN rail installation and removal of the electronic timer