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    Integrated with Watlow's
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    For A Complete Thermal Solution

Watlow WATCONNECT® Control Panels

Watlow offers WATCONNECT® standard control panels that are quickly configured to your specific application requirements and delivered within two weeks. WATCONNECT panels integrate Watlow’s high-quality heater, sensor, temperature controller and power controller products for a complete thermal solution.

Normally, competitive custom panels require significantly longer lead times. The broad range of standard features allow customers to quickly configure panels that usually would be considered custom for delivery within two weeks.

You will be impressed with the speed and ease of specifying, selecting, pricing, ordering and delivery. WATCONNECT panels are flexible and scalable; there are thousands of configurable, pre-engineered panel solutions available.

Features and Benefits

  • Full documentation provided for all WATCONNECT control panels at the time of quotation eliminates lengthy approval process and phone calls
  • Watlow’s F4T process controllers provide data logging and ethernet, providing real time and historical data management of process parameters

Input / Output (I/O) Options

A robust library of standard I/O options ensures a high level of monitoring and control, ensuring an efficient and safe operation

(See Communcations Interface Chart)

Standard Construction

  • WATCONNECT enclosure easily mounts to wall or frame, decreasing installation time
  • Bottom, right and top power entries provide multiple options for accessing and making connections to the inside of the panel
  • IP-20 finger-safe construction decreases chance of electrical shock for service and maintenance personnel
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel enclosure materials available, offering materials that are the most economical for the application
  • Z-type purge system with environmental window and temperature regulation on hazardous location panels

Standard Control Panels Include:

  • UL®/cUL® listed control panels for installation in indoor/outdoor and non-hazardous/hazardous locations
  • Wall or frame mount enclosures with hinged door, sized to accommodate one to four branch circuits and top, side or bottom power entry
  • Limited access and increased safety through the use of tool operated, ¼ turn, mechanical latches that secure the hinged door to the enclosure
  • Molded case circuit breaker disconnect with through-door interlocked handle and lock out/tag out functionality (provides enhanced safety)
  • Fused branch circuit protection ensures protection of system load and panel components
  • DIN-A-MITE® C series solid state SCR power switching controller(s) with zero cross output firing and touch-safe terminals provide outstanding reliability
  • Through wall heat sink(s) reduces ambient temperatures within the enclosure
  • Independent high temperature limit control(s) ensures safety and protection of the equipment being controlled
  • Safety mechanical contactor(s) removes power to system load in the event of a high limit and/or safety situation
  • Process controllers come pre-programmed for the configured options and operation, reducing overall set-up time

Operator Interface Features:

  • Illuminated control power on/off switch (one per panel) for increased visibility of control status (status determination at a glance)
  • Illuminated heater on/off switch(s) (one for each control loop) for increased visibility of heater power status (status determination at a glance)
  • Illuminated heater high temperature light with momentary push to reset (allows reset of all limit controls without the necessity of opening the enclosure door)
  • Watlow process temperature control coupled with the DIN-A-MITE power switching controller provide superior thermal performance through tight process temperature control

Agency Approvals

  • Preconfigured and certified to UL® Standard 508A for non-hazardous locations
  • Non-hazardous panels certified to one or more of the following: Type 4, 4X, 1, 12 or IP65
  • Hazardous location panels certified for UL® Listed installation, investigated to NFPA 496: 2008 and UL®698A and cUL® Listed, investigated to NFPA 496: 208 and CAN/CSA 22.2

Communications Interface Chart

Communications Interface Chart


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